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1/29/2014 - New algorithms for advanced planning LTE
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2/12/2012 - XIRIO-ONLINE adds advanced LTE calculations
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11/8/2011 - The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid will use XIRIO-ONLINE in its educational activity
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9/14/2011 - XIRIO-ONLINE adds the transport network study to provide full planning experience for radiolink networks
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2/24/2011 - Western Europe at 5meter-resolution with buildings
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2/4/2011 - 3D Urban cartography of cities in Colombia and Uruguay
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2/24/2010 - BLOM will provide 3D high-resolution urban cartography in XIRIO Online.
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11/3/2009 - Intelia Consultores and the Technical University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) reach an agreement for the development of urban computational algorithms for XIRIO Online.
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10/1/2009 - Intelia Consultores incorporates PLANNINTOOL module at XIRIO Online.
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5/29/2009 - Telefónica de España acquired licenses of Xirio Online SHAREPLACE for its installers support center in Seville.
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Available cartography
Examples of planning with Xirio
Urban digital hop network.
Radiolinks network (38 GHz) in the ciy of Saragossa (Spain).
ISDB-T Network
Multitransmiter ISDB-T Coverage located in Ecuador.
DVB-T Network.
Multitransmiter DVB-T Coverage located in Jaén.
FM Network
Multitransmiter FM Coverage located in Castilla la Mancha (Spain).
DVBT-2 Network
Multitransmiter DVBT-2 coverage located in Slovaquia
FM Network located in Chile
Multitransmiter FM Coverage located in Chile.
TETRA base stations network.
Multitransmiter TETRA coverage located in Valencia (Spain).
Urban Wimax coverage located in Madrid
Urban coverge of Wimax computed using Recomendation UIT-R 1411
LTE Network
Capability and covarege study