18/04/2017 Engineering and consultancy companies have chosen Xirio-Online and 3D Cartography for the design of the new ORANGE deployments.

At the beginning of 2017 ORANGE SPAIN has launched the "Site Factory" project, consisting on the national deployment of new mobile stations in urban areas where mobile coverage levels are not sufficient.

The companies granted with the project have been OFG, ARCA TELECOM, the UTE composed of TOWER CONSULTORES, SITER 2000 and DIVITEL and the UTE composed of ZENER and IBERTEL.

In all cases, the companies have selected XIRIO ONLINE as the main radio-electric planning tool for the design of the new stations, and the complete assessment, via simulations, of the final service considering the new deployments.

APTICA provides access to the XIRIO ONLINE radio planning tool, including high-resolution digital mapping and 3D building models from all target areas. Simulations include coverage calculations for the new planning locations, outdoor and indoor coverage statistics for the target area, and link-budget analysis for the microwave links.