20/03/2020 APTICA provides 3D urban cartography models for VODAFONE ESPAŅA.

The Wireless technologies evolution, specially with 5G arriving, makes network design more important for mobile operators. Thus, there is a special need for accurate tools and mapping models.

VODAFONE SPAIN is involved in an important nationwide 5G deployment. It has started in the main Spanish cities and it will evolve towards other less populated areas.

APTICA is providing high resolution digital 3D models for the different cities where deployments are planned. This accurate mapping allows the virtual modelling of the real radio environment where the network will operate. Then, it is possible to simulate the network behaviour and to decide the best configuration for the Base Stations in order to improve the performance.

This cartography has been generated from the combination of different sources: satellite, radar and planimetric data. Following specific requirements from VODAFONE, APTICA has applied a set of model techniques to reduce the number of facets, which facilitates its use in radioelectric planning tools under different propagation models.