10/28/2020 - APTICA collaborates with Isdefe to commission the internal communications network of the Royal Collections Museum
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6/16/2020 - The Basque Government contracts Sirenet for its emergency network
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6/12/2020 - 5G Network Design with XIRIO ONLINE
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3/20/2020 - APTICA provides 3D urban cartography models for VODAFONE ESPAÑA
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2/10/2020 - Agreement for members of the COITT to access Xirio-Online
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6/3/2019 - Thales España trusts in Sirenet
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3/15/2019 - Iberdrola España chooses Xirio-Online
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4/18/2017 - Engineering and consultancy companies have chosen Xirio-Online and 3D Cartography for the design of the new ORANGE deployments
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1/23/2017 - Worldwide altimetry at 30 meters resolution in Xirio Online
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7/27/2016 - APTICA completes the integration of XIRIO CORPORATE as the radio links calculation tool and inventory for TELEFONICA DE ESPAÑA
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6/1/2016 - ORANGE trust in APTICA to generate coverage maps for their mobile networks
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4/4/2016 - EURONA sign agreement with APTICA to speed up planning deployment
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11/1/2015 - APTICA and HYTERA Mobilfunk GmbH signed a partnership agreement for Trunking Network Design
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2/16/2015 - Agreement between NEUTRA and APTICA for designing new deployments of NEUTRA’s 4G-LTE nationwide network with art tools and 3D urban mapping in Spain
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1/29/2014 - New algorithms for advanced planning LTE
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2/12/2012 - XIRIO-ONLINE adds advanced LTE calculations
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Available cartography
Examples of planning with Xirio
Digital hop network
Urban Point-to-Point radiolink network in the ciy of Zaragoza (Spain).
FM network
Multitransmitter FM coverage located in Castilla La Mancha (Spain).
LTE network
Coverage and capability study of a LTE mobile network located in Madrid (Spain).
DVB-T network
Multitransmitter DVB-T coverage located in Jaen (Spain).
ISDB-T network
Multitransmitter ISDB-T coverage located in Ecuador.
WiMAX coverage
Urban WiMAX coverage located in Madrid (Spain) and computed using Rec. UIT-R 1411.
FM network (Chile)
Multitransmitter FM coverage located in Chile.
DVB-T2 network
Multitransmitter DVB-T2 coverage located in Slovakia.
LTE-A network
Coverage, capability and statistics study of a LTE-A mobile network located in Murcia (Spain).
5G macrocell network
Coverage and capability study of a 5G mobile network located in Logroño (Spain).