This study allows calculating the effective height of a transmitter in those defined radials by the user by means of a separation in azimuth.

The effective height of a transmitter, as defined in the recommendations ITU-R P.370, and ITU-R P.1546, as the height of the antenna above terrain height averaged between distances of 3 to 15 km in the direction of the receiving/mobile antenna.

The necessary fields for the calculation of an effective height study are listed below:

- Name: Identifier name of effective height study.

- Service: Technology selected for the study. Xirio Online, depending on the selection of this parameter, proposes by default a series of suitable radio parameters for the calculation to perform, although there is always the option to modify them.

- Transmitter: Transmitting station of the study. It's possible modify its parameters (location and radio parameters) by selecting the option . The following link provides more information about the transmitter.

- Angle: Separation in sexagesimal degrees between the different cross section that are used to calculate the effective heights. .

- Cartographic layers: This is a list of cartographic layers to be used in the calculation. To add or remove layers of the study you must access the mapping management window through the option . The following link provides more information about the cartographic layers.

All the fields are automatically loaded with predefined values, when the service is selected in the study, with suitable values for the type of simulation to be performed, except the transmitter which has to be located by the user. These parameters can be modifiable.


You can access the following options from the actions panel of the effective height study :

- Modify study. From this option, you access the effective height configuration window.

- Center viewer on study. Locates the selected effective height study on the Xirio Online viewer.

- High-resolution calculation . This option performs a high-resolution calculation of the selected study. A window appears detailing the calculation cost and the cartography before starting. The following link provides more information about payment calculations on Xirio Online.

- Delete study. Deletes the selected study, with all the radio elements, from the user's account.

- Close study. Closes the selected study.


After the calculation, you obtain a report which shows the effective height calculated for each azimuth configured.