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Xirio has been designed and developed using state-of-art technologies. It has been optimized for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, although it is compatible with most current commercial browsers.

Also, the default configuration of some browsers versions disables the optimum operation of some Xirio visual features. The following browser versions have configurations that can affect Xirio's functionality, as well as the configuration required for optimum compatibility:

Internet Explorer 6.0: Results of coverage and multi-coverage studies do not have any transparency. This incompatibility is not solved by browser configuration.

Internet Explorer 8.0: Obtaining coordinates by interacting with the Xirio's cartographic viewer or activating some controls may be wrong. To ensure compatibility, you must activate the browser's "Compatibility View".

Mozilla Firefox 4.0: The presentation of some application controls may not be optimized even though the system behavior is correct. To ensure compatibility, you must activate the "Highlight or hide windows" option in "Advanced" Java Script options.