One point of interest is a specific location that the user finds interesting or useful to store in the system to consult it later. The points of interest are associated with the user account, therefore no other user of Xirio Online can consult them at any time. They consist of a pair of coordinates, a name and description.

Creating a point of interest

To create a point of interest, select the icon on the toolbar. This opens a dialog where you can set the point of interest before it is rendered on the Xirio Online viewer. Besides the name, you can attach a brief description.

You can manually enter its coordinates, or place it directly on the display by selecting the option .

Managing point of interest

Selecting the icon opens a dialogue that lets you manage all the points of interest in a fast and easy way.

From this dialogue you can perform the following actions:

Create a new point of interest.

Import points of interest from a .kmz .kml or .txt file. The .txt file format should be: Name; Longitude (degrees); Latitude (degrees):

Open all points of interest.

Delete all points of interest.

Export all points of interest to a .kmz file.

Open filtered points of interest.

Delete filtered points of interest.

Generate a .kmz file with the filtered points of interest.

Change gropup to the selected points of interest.

Open selected points of interest.

Delete selected points of interest.

Generate a .kmz file with the selected points of interest.

Open point of interest.

Modify point of interest.

Open the properties dialog of the point of interest.

Delete point of interest.


From the points of interest management window you may create a new group .

By clicking on the icon of the group you may select the icon that will represent all points of interest within the group.

To add a set of POIs to a group, select the points an click the icon .