When a study of Xirio Online is calculated, a result of the simulation is stored in the user's account, indicating its date of calculation and its expiration date (one month for payment calculation results and three days for free calculation results ) . This result depends on the radio elements of the study and the chosen method of calculation.

In addition to accessing your own results, Xirio Online lets you publish and share these results with other users, as well as create and manage your own users of visualization.

A result is opened by selecting the icon on the toolbar. This option can also be accessed by selecting the Results folder of the caption, and later the Open Results Manager of the Actions window.

The dialog that opens is very similar to the studies manager. In this case is it also possible to differentiate between own results and results that other users have shared with you.

Depending on the type of the calculated study, different types of results are obtained.

Xirio Online also offers a series of tools to manage their results with maximum efficiency. In addition to sharing the results of their simulations with other people, you can import results calculated in the radio planning tool Sirenet.


You can access the following options from the actions panel of the folder results:

- Open results manager. Shows a window with all the results of the user's account. These results are organized according to the type of study.

- Close all results. Close all the results of the current session.