A study is the basic unit of work in Xirio Online. In it the user can perform various simulations of radio behavior of its elements: transmitters, receivers, calculation methods, etc.

The following sections explain how to perform each types of study, from setting the parameters needed for the calculation to obtain the results.

Before starting planning a study, it is advisable to know the functionality offered by the tool bar at the top of the Xirio-Online viewer, as it is an essential complement to help optimizing planning process and streamlines the steps to develop.

Available studies in Xirio Online include :


You can access the following options from the actions panel of the study profile :

- Create new study. Creates a new study based on the type of study and desired service (technology to simulate) . From this service, Xirio Online properly configure the radio parameters of the study to perform a coherent and realistic simulation.

- Open studies manager. Shows a window with all studies stored on the user's account. These studies are organized according to the type of study.

- Close all studies. Closes all studies of the current session .


To create a new study in Xirio Online, select icon on the toolbar, or select the folder Studies in the caption and then the Create new study from the window of Actions

It will be shown the following screen to select a type of study, category, subcategory and service that you want to simulate :

By creating a study, Xirio Online configures all parameters of calculation and radio elements depending on the selected technology. These parameters are specific to each technology and have been verified to obtain a fully functional studio.

From this time, successive windows that appear allow a more customized configuration of parameters of the study, transmitter of the study, reception parameters, mapping to use... etc.


To open a study, select the icon on the toolbar, or by means of the option Open studies manager of the Actions window.

That makes appear a dialog that displays all the user studies. There is also a filtering option, by study type and by name, to facilitate searching of studies.

In the main screen caption appears the selected study and the display is updated with the corresponding radio elements.