Xirio Online allows calculations of radio studies both free and pay. It is necessary that the user knows the limitations that the free simulations to low resolution involve to be able to decide what type of calculation fits better to his needs.

Free Estimates have a limitation on the resolution at which the calculation would be perform ed and on the number of layers of cartography that c ould be used.

Also, free calculations will remain in your user account only a week and they will not be able to be published to other users.

When the users add layers of cartography to their studies the application will advise of the minimum resolution of calculation that will be available. This value can vary considerably from one layer to another according to the cartography provider and the information quality.

In the following image it is possible to observe a comparison of the results obtained for the same coverage, at resolutions of 100 m and 600 m (free).

Whereas the free calculation is adequate for a first approximation of the calculation, the result provided is not valid from a professional point of view.It is convenient to adjust the study by means of free calculations and then proceed to perform a pay calculation which will provide higher quality and precision results.

To see this effect with major detail, an enlargement of the previous result of coverage has been taken. As you can see, the resulting free calculation assumes that much of the town in the image is covered, whereas in the calculation in greater detail we can see that it is not.

In the following image it is possible to observe a comparison of the results obtained for the same urban contour profile calculated at resolutions of 1 m and 6 m (free).

The buildings no longer are distinguished clearly, going so far as even to disappear any of them. In the image it is possible to appreciate that three buildings that obstruct the line of sight at high resolution do not do it at low resolution. However, as in the coverage, it may be interesting to fit the simulation by means of free calculations and then to realize a definitive pay calculation.

When performing a pay calculation in Xiri o Online, the user is also entitled to:

-  The storage of the results of the above mentioned calculation for one month on the platform Xirio Online. This period of time is extendable by an increase in cost.

-  The possibility of downloading the results to the user's local computer.

-  The possibility of sharing the results within a maximum of 10 users by publishing them.

The final cost of a pay calculation will be the sum of the cost of the study, the increase due to the cartography used and an optional cost for extending the storage period of the results.