10/28/2020 - APTICA collaborates with Isdefe to commission the internal communications network of the Royal Collections Museum
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6/16/2020 - The Basque Government contracts Sirenet for its emergency network
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6/12/2020 - 5G Network Design with XIRIO ONLINE
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3/20/2020 - APTICA provides 3D urban cartography models for VODAFONE ESPAÑA
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2/10/2020 - Agreement for members of the COITT to access Xirio-Online
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6/3/2019 - Thales España trusts in Sirenet
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3/15/2019 - Iberdrola España chooses Xirio-Online
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4/18/2017 - Engineering and consultancy companies have chosen Xirio-Online and 3D Cartography for the design of the new ORANGE deployments
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1/23/2017 - Worldwide altimetry at 30 meters resolution in Xirio Online
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7/27/2016 - APTICA completes the integration of XIRIO CORPORATE as the radio links calculation tool and inventory for TELEFONICA DE ESPAÑA
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6/1/2016 - ORANGE trust in APTICA to generate coverage maps for their mobile networks
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4/4/2016 - EURONA sign agreement with APTICA to speed up planning deployment
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11/1/2015 - APTICA and HYTERA Mobilfunk GmbH signed a partnership agreement for Trunking Network Design
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2/16/2015 - Agreement between NEUTRA and APTICA for designing new deployments of NEUTRA’s 4G-LTE nationwide network with art tools and 3D urban mapping in Spain
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1/29/2014 - New algorithms for advanced planning LTE
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2/12/2012 - XIRIO-ONLINE adds advanced LTE calculations
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Available cartography
Examples of planning with Xirio
ISDB-T Network
Multitransmiter ISDB-T Coverage located in Ecuador.
TETRA base stations network.
Multitransmiter TETRA coverage located in Valencia (Spain).
DVB-T Network.
Multitransmiter DVB-T Coverage located in Jaén.
Urban digital hop network.
Radiolinks network (38 GHz) in the ciy of Saragossa (Spain).
Urban Wimax coverage located in Madrid
Urban coverge of Wimax computed using Recomendation UIT-R 1411
DVBT-2 Network
Multitransmiter DVBT-2 coverage located in Slovaquia
FM Network
Multitransmiter FM Coverage located in Castilla la Mancha (Spain).
FM Network located in Chile
Multitransmiter FM Coverage located in Chile.
LTE Network
Capability and covarege study