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WiMAX coverage
Urban WiMAX coverage located in Madrid (Spain) and computed using Rec. UIT-R 1411.
FM network (Chile)
Multitransmitter FM coverage located in Chile.
DVB-T2 network
Multitransmitter DVB-T2 coverage located in Slovakia.
TETRA base station network
Multitransmitter TETRA coverage located in Valencia (Spain).
DVB-T network
Multitransmitter DVB-T coverage located in Jaen (Spain).
Digital hop network
Urban Point-to-Point radiolink network in the ciy of Zaragoza (Spain).
ISDB-T network
Multitransmitter ISDB-T coverage located in Ecuador.
LTE network
Coverage and capability study of a LTE mobile network located in Madrid (Spain).
FM network
Multitransmitter FM coverage located in Castilla La Mancha (Spain).