16/02/2015 Agreement between NEUTRA and APTICA for designing new deployments of NEUTRA’s 4G-LTE nationwide network with art tools and 3D urban mapping of Spain.

NEUTRA NETWORK SERVICES, neutral operator of wireless communications and pioneer in the introduction of LTE technology in the 3.5 GHz band, and APTICA, specialist in products and services for the design and optimization of wireless networks, have reached an agreement toe use design tools developed by APTICA on new extensions of coverage for NEUTRA’s 4G-LTE network. NEUTRA’s current 4G-LTE network provides high capacity wireless broadband services at the national level aimed at the business sector. This network is designed using the most innovative tools developed by APTICA for radio planning and with 3D cartographic models of all locations where the network provides service.

The network design has been made with the platform XIRIO-ONLINE, developed by APTICA, which allows the use of high-precision models to estimate the coverage, capacity and network availability and limit the effect of interference, noise and other effects that could adversely affect the quality of service.

APTICA will provide to the project its cartographic database of high-resolution 3D urban models (including buildings) from all over the country, allowing maximum accuracy in calculations regardless of the population covered by NEUTRA’s network. NEUTRA and APTICA claim this level of accuracy in the design will have a clear effect on the quality of service offered to the end user.


This collaboration between the two companies will be early extended to work on adapting and testing these tools with the "LTE-Advanced" new technology which NEUTRA plans to deploy as it becomes commercially available. These new technology will allow NEUTRA to provide services with better performance and major quality.