01/06/2016 ORANGE trust in APTICA to generate coverage maps for their mobile networks.

ORANGE SPAIN awarded to APTICA a Contract to provide calculating service of the radio coverage and simulations of their mobile networks in all technologies deployed by the operator in Spain: 2G, 3G, 4G and 4G+.

APTICA will provide a continuously updating service of coverage calculation network for the operator,  updating the coverage figures in the way the new deployments are consolidated following the strong evolution suffering by the Operator in network, specifically for 4G and 4G + areas.

XIRIO ONLINE a radio planning tool from APTICA, will be used for reliable simulations to obtain coverage network maps as so as population covered statistics disaggregated at settlement level population in all Spain.

ORANGE shall have access to a reliable tool and to digital mapping with high resolution, which will be equipped with best resources for analysis and optimization of the existing network as well as for designing as for planning new deployments to deal by the operator.