2017/01/23 Worldwide altimetry at 30 meters resolution in Xirio Online.

Xirio Online incorporates to its catalog of cartography altimetry at 30 meters resolution of almost all countries.

Xirio Online provides Digital Terrain Models (DTM) with a minimum resolution of 30 m / pixel in countries of the five continents. This cartography comes from different sources on which a debugging and quality control process has been carried out to obtain a global model, with uniform characteristics and improvements in coastlines and geographical accidents.

Users of Xirio Online will be able to have a definitive MDT layer for each country, with a very affordable cost, which is adequate to simulate any type of service in rural or semi-urban surroundings.



Likewise, models of land use (clutter) will be incorporated into the cartographic catalog of Xirio that will allow to establish an average attenuation and height for each class of defined environment. These layers, generated by photo interpretation of Landsat and Quick-Bird satellite images, will be enabled upon users' request.