10/02/2020 Agreement for members of the COITT to access Xirio-Online.



The Spanish official professional body of technical engineers in telecommunications (COITT, Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Técnicos de Telecomunicación in Spanish) works toward making the Technical Engineer in Telecommunication become the reference profession for the inclusion and design of new radioelectric networks. Within this strategic framework, APTICA and the COITT have come to an agreement in order to grant an privileged access to the radioelectric planning tool Xirio-Online to all members of the COITT.

In this way, registered members of the COITT will get access to all the functionalities of Xirio-Online for designing both access and transport networks, calculating interferences, capacity and so on, and using different communication technologies. During the validity of this agreement the members of the COITT will have the right to perform unlimited calculations at zero cost using medium resolution cartography of Spain. Additional cartography of medium and high resolution or cartography from other parts around the world can also be used by members of the COITT as usual under the model of pay-per-use when their projects require it.

This privileged access is available only to members requesting it through the Technical Secretary of the COITT. Members can ask for a new user or a change in the conditions of an existing user.

This new agreement is expected to be beneficial for both parts, so a large amount of members of the COITT could be able to simulate the behavior of their wireless networks at no cost and the use of Xirio-Online could be further extended within the community of professionals of this sector.