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It is an ASCII file with .txt extension with a header and a line for each POI to be imported.

The header is formed by a line with the following fields separated by semicolons (;):

"name": Name of the POI.

"x": Longitude, by default in geographic WGS84.

"y": Latitude, by default in geographic WGS84.

"system": Location coordinate system. This system must exist in the list of default coordinate systems of the user's preferences. It is an optional field.

"epsg": Coordinate system identifier. It is an alternative for defining coordinates in other systems. For example, the code "epsg:4326" corresponds to the geographic coordinate system WGS84. It is an optional field. If neither this field nor the "system" exists, the coordinates are considered in geographic WGS84.

"content": POI content. It is an optional field.


Then we have a line for each POI, respecting the previous order of columns and separating the fields with semicolons (;). The decimal separator is the period (.).



POI1;2.2697;41.7473;epsg:4326;Contenido del POI1

POI2;2.2939;41.4174;epsg:4326;Contenido del POI2

POI3;2.2919;41.2994;epsg:4326;Contenido del POI3

POI4;2.2194;41.3274;epsg:4326;Contenido del POI4

POI5;2.2310;41.1434;epsg:4326;Contenido del POI5

POI6;2.2246;41.2122;epsg:4326;Contenido del POI6

POI7;2.0061;41.3336;epsg:4326;Contenido del POI7

POI8;2.1161;41.5783;epsg:4326;Contenido del POI8

POI9;2.4965;41.2571;epsg:4326;Contenido del POI9

POI10;2.2026;41.2749;epsg:4326;Contenido del POI10