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In Xirio you can create templates antennas or antennas quickly from importing a formatted text file Sirenet. The format specification is as follows:

This format is an ASCII file with the .txt extension. Each Pattern is made up of the following elements:


Description of Horizontal sub-pattern.

Description of Vertical sub-pattern.


The header is made up of a line with the following fields separated by spaces:

Header start symbol: *

Diagram name.

Gain in dBi.

Diagram Type:

o0 = Isotrope (0 Vertical sub-patterns and 0 Horizontal patterns)

o1 = Omnidirectional (1 -N Vertical subpattern and 0 Horizontal subpatterns)

o2 = Directive ( 0-N Vertical sub-patterns and 1 Horizontal subpatterns)

The header format is as follows: *DiagramName Gain DiagramType


The Horizontal sub-pattern will be described by lines that represent the azimuth values in degrees and the corresponding attenuation in dB, separated by blank spaces. The Azimuth values must be between 0º and 360º. Each line will have the following format: @Azimuth Attenuation


The following must be entered for each Vertical sub-pattern:

Sub-pattern azimuth with the following format: #Azimuth

Lines in which the tilt values are represented in degrees and attenuation in dB, separated by blank space(s). The degrees of tilt must be between -90º and 90º . Each line will have the following format: %Tilt Attenuation


Value Coherence

The Horizontal and Vertical sub-patterns must form a coherent solid. The values must be equal at the cut points. The cut points are:

Poles of the solid (points with tilt -90 and 90): All of the Vertical sub-patterns must have the same value at these points.

Equator (points with 0 tilt): The attenuation value at the cut point of each Vertical sub-pattern with the Horizontal must be the same in both.


1. Isotrope pattern:

*Isotropepattern 12 0


2. Omnidirectional pattern (with vertical diagrams in 15º):

*OmniPattern 10 1


%-90 -5

%-45 -15

%-15 -10

%0 -1

%15 -10

%90 -5


3. Directive pattern (with vertical diagrams in 0º and 180º):

*SamplePattern 10 2 

@0 -5

@90 -10

@180 -1

@270 -10


%-90 -5

%-45 -15

%-15 -10

%0 -5

%15 -10

%45 -15

%90 -5


%-90 -5

%-45 -15

%0 -1

%30 -5

%90 -5