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Frequency bands in Xirio are used for channels assignment to certain frequencies. In addition, they are also used to designate prohibited or priority channels within the same band.

Frequency bands catalog allow to create in the different studies, frequency bands preconfigured with the values ​​set by the user.

The user has a filter available by name, which allows to search for words within the band name; For example, "Band 15". This type of filters in Xirio allows the use of wildcard characters like the asterisk (*) or the interrogation (?) to search as shown in the image.

Service filtering returns all bands containing frequencies that are between the initial and final frequency corresponding to the selected category, subcategory or radio service. This filter consists of cascading drop-down lists, so that to select a service it is necessary to select a subcategory before, and to select a subcategory it is necessary to previously select a category.

In addition, the user can define their favorite catalog items favorite_checked to perform a filtering that only shows these items


Depending on the user's permissions, catalog elements can be query, modify, delete or create.

The user can modify, edit or consult each catalog element using band edit dialog.