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The "General" tab details information regarding configurable user account preferences such as Xirio interface language, email expiration notification options, or results load and display options.


Default language. Spanish or English.

Send email warning that there are results that expire soon. When this option is activated, 5 days before an expired result an email is sent to the user indicating the proximity of the date. After this time, if it has not been renewed, the result is deleted.

Show statistics window at the beginning of the application. With this option enabled, a panel with balance information available in the user's account is displayed. In addition, information is also shown on the number of calculations performed and the results available and about to expire.

Show welcome window at the beginning of the application.

Browser compatibility check at the beginning of the application. The default settings of some browser versions disable or prevent the optimal operation of some Xirio visual features. With this option activated, this function will be checked when starting the session.

Result load settings. When a result has a high number of radio elements to display, the operation of the tool may slow down. With this option it is possible to prevent the radio elements from being charged if a maximum permitted number is exceeded.

Results display settings. In the same way as the previous option, even if the radio elements are charged with the result, it is possible to prevent them from being displayed by default in the viewer.