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Creating sites can be done with the icon create new catalog element new_template.

Locations may be modified by all users, in catalog manager for stations.  For sites filtration the following controls are available:

Name or Code: This textual filter supports wildcard characters such as the asterisk (*) or the query (?).


When the locations have been filtered the following actions are available:

modify_common_small Manage locations groups. From this option the user can assign different icons to each group to represent the locations in the viewer.

new_location Create new location.

import_locations Import locations in KMZ, KML or text format.

open_all_locations Open all catalog locations.

delete_all_locations Delete all catalog locations.

export_all_locations_csv Export all catalog locations in CSV file.

export_all_locations_kmz Export all catalog locations in KMZ file.

export_all_locations_txt Export all catalog locations in TXT file.

open_filtered_locations Open all filtered locations.

delete_filtered_locations Delete all filtered locations.

export_filtered_locations_csv Export all filtered locations in CSV file.

export_filtered_locations_kmz Export all filtered locations in KMZ file.

export_filtered_locations_txt Export all filtered locations in TXT file.


The dialog associated with the locations is shown below:


In the location dialog the user can configure the following parameters:

Name or Code.


Latitude and Longitude (Geographical WGS84). The user can enter the coordinates manually, using the button "Select a point on the viewer", the coordinate calculator calculator and even optimize them by looking for a higher point nearby.