On Xirio Online, the user can perform high-resolution radioelectric calculations, thereby obtaining a result of high quality and precision. For this type of calculations you must select the option High-resolution calculation from the actions panel.

When the user performs high-resolution calculations, is informed about the cost in euros that entails the operation in progress. Once the calculation is finished, these euros will be deducted from your account.

The user can consult, at any time, the balance of euros in his account and carry out the purchase of new credit as well.

This total cost is obtained as the addition of:

- Cost of study. Calculated depending on the number of pixels involved in the calculation,ie higher cost to larger compute area or greater distance between transmitter and receiver. It's important therefore to select only the area where results are required. In the case the transmitter is outside the compute area, it will be computed in this cost all the all the pixels that should be taken into account from the transmitter to the area calculation.

- Cost increase for cartography. Obtained as a percentage increase on the cost of the study. The increase depends on the provider of cartography and the quality of this.

In addition to obtaining a high quality result, when performing a payment calculation on Xirio Online, the user is also entitled to:

- Results storage of this calculation for one month on the platform Xirio Online. This period of time is extendable through an increase in cost by selecting the option extend hosting of the results.

- Download the results to the user's local machine. The available download formats are KMZ (Google Earth format) or GeoTIFF format (standard cartographic format valid for most of commercial GIS).

- Share the result of this calculation with a maximum of 10 users, through its publication.

Cost of calculations.

The cost of calculations is obtained according to the pixels involved in this, so this cost is directly related to the selected resolution.

The user can modify the resolution before confirming the calculation. When selecting any other element on the dialog the cost of the study will be updated.

The following link shows in detail the current rates of Xirio Online, as well as a description about the process of obtaining the calculation cost for each study of Xirio Online.

Cost of cartography

There are multiple available mapping layers on Xirio Online that the user can use in their calculations. Depending on the provider of cartography and the quality of the layer, the use of cartography will entail an increase on the calculation cost.

The mapping layers selected by the user are shown at the dialogue. The Cost column indicates the increase of cost that the use of each mapping layer entails.

From this dialog you can change the cartography to use in the calculation, being updated in this way the Cost of Cartography.

The following link shows in detail the process of obtaining the cost of cartography on Xirio Online.

Cost of Hosting

Xirio Online keeps the payment results for one month on the user's account. It's possible to extend the storage time for a quarter, half or a full year.

- A quarter: 10% of the calculation cost (excluding the increase due to cartography)

- A half: 20% of the calculation cost (excluding the increase due to cartography)

- A full year: 35% of the calculation cost (excluding the increase due to cartography)

In the following link is explained the procedure for renewing the hosting of a result. Xirio Online will warn the user, by E-mail, several days before the expiration date. If the renewal doesn't occur the expired results will be cleared.