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Xirio basic calculation rates allow free high resolution calculations and the use of free cartography available in Xirio during the term of employment. This is a public free cartography from the SRTM 2006 projet developed by NASA.

The development of a cartography layer includes integration of basic information (planimetry and altimetry) along with urban planning layers and legal and other conditions created by the working team within the project.

After setting conceptual aspects that are to be treated in the information layers development, the next step is the thematic layers development and their integration into a broader Geographic Information System. It includes the phases: information collection, production and processing, verification and correction of reading errors

The public cartography is based on untested models which miss some of phases mentioned above, as data verification and error correction. For this reason, the use of public cartography, although it is acceptable as a first approximation, may contain inaccurate values, especially on coastline and in mountainous areas due to reflections from the sea and leaps, which would lead to results with less accuracy.

However, the pay cartography, since it comes from official sources of information, offers broad guarantees of development and accuracy of final cartographyc data.

Some of services than can be provided optimally by using pay cartography are:

Services where the line of sight between transmitter and receiver is crucial for reception: Fixed Service, WiMAX, WiFi, etc.

Simulation of urban coverage. There is no public urban cartography.

Other Broadcast Services that may be calculated using free cartography, although pay cartography will provide best accuracy in calculations and results guarantee.