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There are some common steps to perform a radio planning process. Xirio provides different types of studies for each of these stages.

The different technologies and radio services require different methodology in each case and different planning procedures. This section is not intended as a guide to planning but to show different options offered by Xirio in different phases of a planning project and network design. The user must determine which of these options may be interesting in their projects.

Planning processes can be divided into access network planning and transport network planning.

Due to the huge diversity of radio technology and wireless communications services, the planning process, especially in case of access networks, varies considerably depending on the network type. For this reason, in addition to the description of these basic planning processes, a number of aspects related to the access networks planning of different radio studies are here presented, specifically:

Image and Sound Broadcasting (TV, FM,TDT, DVB-H, DAB, ...).

Mobile Communications (GSM, PMR, TETRA, ...).

3G and 4G Mobile Communications(UMTS, CDMA2000, HSDPA, HSUPA, ...).

LTE Mobile Communications.

Broadband Wireless (WLL, LMDS, WiMAX, WiFi, ...).

These notes are intended to serve as guidance to the user for getting maximum performance and to use the appropriate tool functions tool depending on the type of planning project at hand.