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Contains all published results for the active user organized by a tree-shaped structure.


The Results root folder stores study results.

Different branches are deployed from each element to reach a final node. These ramifications are the different types of results and the radioelectric elements (transmitters, receivers ...).

In a simple coverage there is a single type of result: Signal level.


In the case of multiple coverage, there are three types of results: Signal, Overlap and Best server.


The box corresponding to the Signal result in the multiple coverage appears activated by default initially.

An activated box allows the display of a radio result or element/s in the map viewer. Several boxes can be activated at a time, so that several results can be displayed simultaneously, along with a combination of results and radio elements.

There is also a folder in the legend that contains points of interest. A point of interest is a mark on the map in some location of interest to the user.