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The mobility parameters define the handover of mobile terminals between cells:




Compute areas without possible transfer. If this option is activated, the calculation shows the map with the areas where there are problems for the handover from one cell to another.

Search threshold. Indicates the RSRP signal level from which to search for neighboring cells available for handover.

Handover threshold. When the RSRP signal of the sector to which a mobile is connected falls below this handover threshold, handover is attempted to another cell that has a signal level higher than this handover threshold plus a defined neighboring cell margin.

Neighbor cell threshold for handover.

With the example in the image, when the received RSRP signal is lower than the search threshold (-110 dBm), the search for available neighboring cells begins. If the signal level continues to decrease and reaches the handover threshold value (-120 dBm), handover is attempted to another cell whose received signal level is at least the specified neighbor cell threshold (-116 dBm).

The result will be a map with the areas where the handover to another cell is possible and the areas where there is no possibility of handover with the defined conditions.