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This study consists of a combination of single coverage studies. It allows to perform three types of calculations:

Radio coverage provided by a stations network.

Statistics of area and population covered.

Calculation of interferences (carrier/interference ratio C/I).

Calculation of capacity (only LTE services).

Display drive-test measurements.

To create a multitransmitter coverage study, select the kind of study from new_study "Create new study" or from the link in the actions window and specify the service of technology you want to plan


Once the service is selected and the multicoverage is created, the dialog will open to configure parameters of a multi-coverage study.

For further information, actions of a multi-coverage study.

The result of a multi-coverage study consists of a visual layer of signal level received at each point in calculation area and a radio element representing the transmitter used in calculation. From this result, the user can read the signal level at a selected point in the viewer.

Finally, in the actions window corresponding to each of the layers that make up the result of a multicoat, the user is offered different options to perform actions on the result of a multi-coverage.