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The object transmitter in Xirio corresponds with the typical concept of radio frequency “receiver”, including the finished reception system, the physical receiver and the specific parameters.

To create the transmitter the user can either create it from a template or create a new one. In the first case a copy of the selected template will be loaded , so that the template will not be modified.

Then it is necessary to set the receiver parameter, its name and location.


The location data (longitude and latitude) can be entered manually, using a template, accessing with the icon add_common_small or selecting a point on the viewer clicking cursor_Rx.

The user also has a coordinate calculator calculator, to convert geographical coordinates to UTM and vice versa.

In this window there is a link to configure the receiver radio parameters.


It is possible to access the following options from receiver Action window:


Modify receiver. From this option you can access the transmitter configuration window.

Configure radio parameters. The user can directly access to configure the receiver radio parameters through this option.

Optimize receiver location. Modify receiver location to find the highest point near the station.

Center viewer. Locate the selected transmitter on the viewer.

Undo last movement. Cancels the last modification of trasnmitter's position. This action is very useful when the station was moved by mistake.

Create template from the receiver. Create a template as a copy of the receiver, accessible from Template Manager.