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They are located below the Legend. When selecting an item from the legend, one or more possible actions will appear on it, depending on the selected item.

Read value at a point: action associated with a result that allows you to obtain the value of it at a point by selecting it in the viewer. The information will be displayed in a Google Maps information window.

In the case of simple coverage there is a single value that can be read, the signal, while for multiple coverage one of the three types of results can be read, depending on whether the signal, overlap or best server has been selected. It is also possible to read all three results simultaneously if the multiple coverage folder is selected


Center viewer: action associated with opening a result, or selection of a radio element or point of interest in the legend. Focuses the viewer on the geographic location of the selected result, transmitter, or point.


Modify, Delete and Close: Actions applicable to a point of interest, in addition to the focus viewer action. They appear when selecting a particular point of interest.


Open result in Google Earth: The result of the selected coverage (single or multiple) opens with Google Earth.