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From the link Actions panel there are the following options:


Modify study. From this option link configuration window is accessed.

Center viewer on study. Locates the selected link in the viewer.

Duplicate study. Makes a copy of the selected study.

Align antenna automatically. Turns the antennas so that they are oriented according to the link direction.

Delete study. Deletes the selected study, with its radio elements, from the user's account.

Close study. Closes the selected study and removes its result from the viewer.


In addition, the Actions viewer lower section offers the following options related to the study calculation:

Free low-resolution calculation. This option performs a low-resolution calculation on the selected study for free.

High-resolution calculation. This option performs a high-resolution calculation of the selected study. Selecting it a window will be displayed where it is possible to indicate the calculation resolution and also calculation cost and cartography is detailed before starting. It will be necessary to validate the data shown on this screen before proceeding to calculation.