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The Transport Network study provides the overall result of a digital links network sections (digital hops). With this study it is possible to analyze the interference received in the set of links under study generated by themselves or by nearby links, also to evaluate possible interference that links under study generate in other links. The following results can be obtained:

Intervisibility matrix. It provides the clearing percentage of first Fresnel zone between links ends already configured in the study. If there are already points of interest on the viewer, they will be considered in this calculation, using values ​​previously set in calculation dialog.

Summary report, including:

oLink viability summary.

oPossible incompatibilities.

Individual results, for each digital hop in addition to results obtained in the link study (graph, profile report, digital hop report), it is possible to obtain an interference report which includes, for direct and inverse path:

oInterference received.

oInterference generated.


This study also allows to evaluate those interferences produced and received by other external networks.

To create a Transport Network study, it is necessary to select the study type from the icon new_study "Create new study" or from the Actions window link and specify the service or technology.


Once the service is selected and the study is created, the dialog will open to configure transport network parameters.

There is further information about actions in a transport network study available for users.

The result of a transport network study calculation includes the Intervisibility Matrix and the network calculation result, which can include the interference calculation result if the user configures it.