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The calculation of a transport network study includes the following results:

Intervisibility matrix.

Transpor Network result, with interference calculation result if the user configures it.


The result obtained for calculating the intervisibility matrix is shown in graphical mode and in alphanumeric mode. The graphical mode draws lines between points that have line of sight, as in the following image:


The alphanumeric mode has a table showing the minimum clearance percentage of each of possible radio links between all sites involved in the calculation: sites from the profiles under study (those belonging to our network, or desired), from the environment profiles (from other networks, or possible interference or interfered) , or the POIs. The following image shows an example of the alphanumeric results obtained in a calculation of an intervisibility matrix. Obviously, the negative results of percentage of clearness indicate that the line of sight is obstructed.


All results of the intervisibility matrix can be consult in the study legend tree.


When calculating the network study, it is possible to take into account or not interference produced and generated by the study links as well as interference generated by the environment links.

In the case of calculating the network study, if the option "Consider interference in the calculation" is not selected, the result is: on the one hand, all the links under study calculation, and on the other hand, a Summary report with links under study that do not meet quality and unavailability objectives in any modulation or in any path (direct and inverse). The report breaks down in this way if the links meet:

Clearing minimum condition.

Quality objective.

Unavailability objective.


The fading of each modulation is also detailed.

Both the digital hop reports and the network study summary report will not take into account the interference to obtain fading, from which the link quality and unavailability are calculated.

The summary report will have the following appearance:


If you want to calculate interference, you should select the option "Consider interference" in calculations option on the dialog Transport Network calculation.


The resulting reports with this option will be the same, but will take into account interference generated by the environment and service links to calculate fading as well as to calculate the link quality and unavailability.

In addition to displaying fading in presence of interference, a new section shall be added to the individual digital hop reports, which shall report the total interference considered, broken down according to their origin in fixed, variable or semi-variable interference.

Likewise, the report summarizing the network study will consider possible incompatibilities that links in study can introduce in environmental links, considering only interference provided by them, depending on C/I Viabillity Margin.

With the option of interferences calculation a detailed Interference Report will be generated for each link under study. In this report, for each path, direct and inverse, all levels of interfering power present at each digital hop end, per interfering and interfering end are detailed.