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If this is your first visit to Xirio, the following tips will provide useful information to start working and become familiar with the work environment.

Xirio is a professional web tool for simulation and planning of radio coverage. It allows you to analyze quickly and easily radio propagation anywhere in the world.

The first step, not required but recommended, is to configure user preferences. The following link details all information required for user's configuration user configuration.

It's not necessary to be an expert in telecommunications or experience planner because Xirio set through the choice of service (technology to simulate), all parameters needed for different calculations with the suitable values in order to obtain valid and realistic simulations.

Furthermore you can share and publish the obtained results, with others by creating specific user display results.

The following sections will guide you through the most basic functionality of Xirio:

Main of Xirio

What is a study?

How to open a study?

How to create a study?

How to calculate studies?

How to open results?

How do I check the signal level at one location?

How to create points of interest?