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A study is the basic unit of work in Xirio. It consists of several radio elements: transmitters, receivers, ends, compute methods, etc. It is also the smallest unit on which you can perform a calculation.

Xirio has a variety of studies in terms of the elements involved in the simulation:

Link. Two ends and optionally one or more passive elements (mirrors or back to back) whose coordinates are fixed. The result is the received signal level at all points of the line connecting all radio elements. In case of using Rec. UIT-R P.530-16 as compute method, the results of unavailability of quality, necessary to analyze the feasibility of a radio link, will be obtained.

link_line        link_graph

Coverage. A transmitter and a receiver, but in this case the receiver has no fixed location but is shifting over a selected calculation area. The result is a image with different colours that represents the radio coverage of the transmitter, showing areas where the signal level at the receiver is above the reception threshold.


Multi-coverage. It is a combination of several studies of coverage in an area of calculation. The result of this study is a image that represents at each point the best signal between the signals of individual coverage. Besides the combination of different individual results of the received signal, this study gives a result of best server and a result of overlapping. This study offers other results such as network interference analysis, traffic and network capacity or the ability to calibrate compute methods from real radio measurements.


Transport Network. It provides the overall result of a digital links network made up of several sections, which can be ends, mirrors or back to back. With this study, the quality and unavailability results of each link consider the interference imposed in each one of them by the other links of the study.


Once you register on Xirio, you are provided several studies of examples of each type to become familiar with its operation.