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The toolbar is located at the interface top and, depending on user's permissions, will look similar to this:


In the toolbar left section are the basic actions of Xirio:

new_study Create new study. Create a new study. Initially, the user must select the study type to simulate and its service or technology. This allows Xirio to configure the other study parameters and elements that intervene in it with suitable default values ​​to the type of calculation to perform. Once created, depending on the study type, different options allow the user to make a more personalized configuration of the study parameters, transmitter to use, reception parameters, cartography, etc.

open_studies Open studies manager.It displays a sorted list with all stored studies property of the user. Searches can be realized by name or by type of study . After selecting a study the user will be able to open it showing its elements on the viewer and on the caption, or to remove it from the system. For further information about the Studies Manager.

open_results Open results manager. It displays a sorted list called "My results" with the results calculated from the user's own studies. After selecting a result, it may be opened, deleted or publicarse to other users. Additionally it displays a second list (called "More Results"), which shows the results that have been published by other users and on which the user has permission of visualization. For further information about the Results Manager.

templates Templates manager. On Xirio, the user can create predefined templates of radio elements (transmitters, receivers, antennas, etc..)that you normally use in your simulations. By this way you can create new elements from them quickly speeding up the configuration of multiple studies with similar parameters. From this option, the user can create, edit and remove his templates. The following link explains in detail the Template Manager.

import_result Import results from Sirenet. Option whereby the user can import results generated with the radio planning tool Sirenet in order to display them in Xirio viewer.

export_result Export results to Sirenet. Option whereby the user can export results in order to work with them in the radio planning tool Sirenet.

show_info_panel Show information panel. Displays a panel with data related to the selected element in the caption, such as a study, a radio element, a result, etc.

show_task_panel  Show task panel. It displays the task panel. It contains the names, status and progress of actions, and calculations that still in process. If there are no pending tasks and calculations are completed successfully the panel will be empty.

refresh Panels update. It refreshes the application informative panels and restarts the visor to its initial state.

users Visualization users manager. Xirio users can publicar results of their studies to other people through visualization users. The following link gives more information about Visualize users manager to create, edit and delete these users.

user_settings Open user's configuration. Displays information provided by the user for their profile creation (name, email, etc.) and their preferences for Xirio custom configuration.


In the middle section of the toolbar are the actions that allow you to interact with the Xirio viewer:

new_poi_toolbar Create a new point of interest. It creates a new point of interest (POI).A point of interest is a mark on the map in a location chosen by the user. It is defined by a name and several location characteristics, the coordinates, which may be entered manually (latitude and longitude), by selecting a location or by selecting a point in the viewer.

open_pois Manage points of interest. This option allows to create new points of interest, to open the already existing ones or to delete them. It also has a search filter by name. The following link gives more information about Point of Interest Manager.

hand Drag map. Moves the map area currently displayed in the visor.

distances Calculate distance. Displays the distance between two points to select in the viewer.

profile Calculate profile. Displays the orographic cross section between two points to select in the viewer.

altitude Consult a location altitude. It gets the height above the sea level from the digital terrain model at the selected point on the viewer.

printer Print. Prints the content currently displayed in the viewer (map, layers, radio elements, results, etc.). A preview allows the user to adjust and center the viewer content to print.

newMessage Notifications. It is a personalized mailbox where the user receives notifications from the system.


Finally, in the right section of the toolbar is the search address bar:

google_search Search Address. It allows searching addresses, terms, coordinates, etc. using Google Maps and places in the viewer a marker in the geographical point corresponding to the search result that the user selects.